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Howard Feigenbaum

Howard Feigenbaum, Author -Detective Mystery Novels

Howard Feigenbaum, Author


I was born at a very early age to people who barely knew me. Life was not easy. My first writing experience was in the fifth grade. The school newspaper published my much-heralded Revolutionary War poem about Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys. While in junior high school, my musically talented sister and I wrote a song about a Jewish food delicacy, “Kishka”, stuffed intestines. We still sing it once in a while when we get together. In my later years, I expanded my writing repertoire to include a children’s book, “We’re All Nuts!“, a story about a peanut who learns that he is not a nut at all but, rather, a legume. This revelation has life-changing consequences. A psychology magazine, The Therapist, gave the book a great review. Who knew? My feelings about life are expressed somewhat in the award-winning “I Wish I Were A Soul Train Dancer”, the title poem in a book of fifteen poems. The short volume is available on amazon for 99 cents–that’s just under 7 cents a poem, a hard-to-beat bargain in any language! My latest foray, a novel, “Benny Goldfarb, Private ‘I’”, developed when I belonged to a writing group. I read my poems, which took about five minutes. Then I had to listen to other people’s endless chapters of fiction for the next two hours. I couldn’t take it. I changed to fiction in self defense. I think that’s enough about me. Who am I really? You’ll have to read me to find out.

Howard Feigenbaum is a Detective Fiction Author known for his unique travel detective series, “Benny Goldfarb, Private ‘I'”. This series takes place in Central America, South America, and Los Angeles. Mr. Feigenbaum’s writings provide ample portions of romantic suspense, action, intrigue, historical curiosity, and pockets of unexpected humor throughout the adventures of his seasoned, level-headed detective Benny Goldfarb.




Enjoy the Benny Goldfarb thrill.