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Benny Goldfarb, Private “I”Benny Goldfarb, Private "I" by Howard Feigenbaum, a detective mystery novel.

A New Travel Detective Series by Howard Feigenbaum

Attractive Rosa Zuleca manages a Los Angeles carwash, which she owns with her brother, Enrique, a cardiologist in Cartagena, Colombia. She accepts a date to go dancing with Benny Goldfarb, a private investigator and long-time customer. The next morning, at the car-wash, a menacing stranger appears, demanding that Rosa sign over the business to him. Phone calls to her brother go unanswered. She believes her brother is held hostage. Desperate, she asks Benny for help. He has two weeks to find her brother in Colombia. Benny never could have imagined the obstacles he would face and from whom he would receive help. The investigator’s professional distance from his client becomes compromised by the romantic dance with Rosa. Their future together is threatened by the consequences of the Spanish Inquisition on Rosa’s family.


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